About Bye Bye Birdies

Bye Bye Birdie has been designed to meet the objective of dispersing birds in a quick, controlled, eco-friendly and non-lethal manner.

All birds have an innate fear of predators. We believe the best method of wildlife control is by mirroring what actually takes place in nature itself. So, we have developed an electric (Quiet) 6 foot span remote controlled (R/C) eagle that has a sound system incorparted into the eagles body that takes advantage of birds natural fear of predators.

Birds have an innate “Fear Gene” in their brains. When the R/C eagle is flown it causes them to go into a rushed flight out of the treated areas, resulting in the birds not returning to the zones patrolled by the R/C eagle.

Another system we use around water areas is the R/C Hydro falcon that will remove even the most stubborn birds.

Many bird pest control instruments that are used for expelling birds only act on “frightening” birds but this does not deter birds from returning after only a few minutes. Systems being used to scare geese and other birds are propane cannons, bird distress calls, mylar ballons, explosives, spray repellants, dead goose decoys, coyote decoys, border collie dogs and lasers. Border Collies and live falcons are used with a certain amount of success, however it is very costly and they can be unpredictable. All of these scare tactics are only effective in scaring the birds for a short time and generally the birds come back.

The R/C eagle with its perfectly identical and natural raptor-shape, acts on the “Fear Gene” thus pushing gregarious birds not only to a hurried escape but it also induces them to not come back to an area considered dangerous.

Our system is designed to be environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, and nature friendly.