Golf courses, public parks, landfills and agricutural farm lands are often used for nesting or roosting by different species of wildlife. The species most often problematic in these areas is the Canada goose. With an ever increasing population and shift in their migrating behavior, this gregarious species cause problems by damaging the vegetation and leaving behind a significant amount of droppings, which in turn causes health risks. Our program will help you keep these areas free of these problem birds. It’s estimated that a goose eats 4 or 5 pounds of grass a day and defecates every 8 minutes, producing over one pound of feces per day. The mess they leave behind discourages any sort of outdoor activity in that area. Their feces can contain many potentially harmful human pathogens including Giardia, Salmonella, and Shigelia, just to name a few. The Canada goose is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

Landfills, It is well known that birds, and more specifically gulls, are feeding at landfill site throughout the world. Their numbers are constantly increasing and they have become regular visitors to landfill sites where they find not only food, but also water, and a place to nest and/ or roost. Their presence creates problems in many ways. Their control is particularly important for the health and safety of both employees on site and of surrounding residents. Their concentration may also be hazardous to aircrafts. Our program is built to solve these problems and help you reach your primary objectives.